About Melissa

About Melissa - DC Newborn Photographer

Melissa was 10 years old when she first picked up a camera. Her father loved photography so much, and she was always tagging along with him so it wasn’t long before she was bitten by the photography bug too. Even at that age, Melissa was intent on getting the composition perfect. Once, on a family trip to Yellowstone, her father had to yank her away from a moose she had gotten way too close to while trying to compose him just right!

Melissa on her dad's knee

Melissa on her dad’s knee

In the years since, Melissa’s love of photography has taken her all over the world – from Brazil to Croatia to the Galapagos Islands, and lots of places in between – and pushed her to learn all she could about photography’s technical and artistic sides. After graduating with a Certificate in Professional Photography from the Washington School of Photography in 2007, Melissa did a lot of soul searching and photographing all manner of different subjects. She finally came to realize that her true calling is in portraiture art for families at all stages of their lives.

The birth of her daughter in 2012 opened Melissa’s eyes to just how amazing motherhood can be, how absolutely beautiful a new life is and how precious and fleeting those first few weeks of life are. This is why her absolute favorite subjects are newborn babies. There is nothing more fulfilling than capturing those extraordinary moments when mothers and fathers are just beginning to discover the new, beautiful life they’ve created together. Newborns are a challenge, of course, but the best part for Melissa is seeing the joy on the faces of the parents when they first glimpse the images of their baby from their newborn session – pure heaven!


"Melissa is understanding, calm and positive about everything.  She felt like an old friend and we felt right at home."

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